Why We Work a Total of Four Jobs and Still Occasionally Need Cash Loans

Sep 28, 2015 Author admin

If you work a job for a living, you know what it is like to make ends meet. Some folks in my line of work refer to it as a career, but I think they are just deluding themselves. It is a job. There is no real security in it. We have had layoffs here several times in the last few years. I am at the top of the pay scale for regular employee labor here, and my wife and I still both work two jobs each. It is what it is. A couple of times we’ve needed cash loans to get us through to the next paycheck.

Every time it has been something either with the car, a major appliance, medical emergency or dental. We have a high copay and coinsurance with my health insurance. We go to the fast-food kinds of medical places if the kids or us have a sprain, strain, flu or other issue that is not super serious. They even treat broken bones! Dentists just plain out cost a fortune even if you have insurance. A knocked out adult tooth required two cash loans to fix. The cap is beautifully expensive. It cost 12 times as much as my wedding band!

Life is great as far as our family is concerned. The children are getting the best education we can afford, our used car and used minivan get us where we need to go, and the rent is not outrageous here in this small house at the edge of farm country. We do what we can to get by, and sometimes we need cash loans to see us through. A couple of more well-to-do friends have asked me why I just do not save more money. I guess their income exceeds their outcome. Ours does not have any room left over for savings, and we are neither extravagant nor wasteful.


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