Trying to Get in Position Where I Can Buy a House

Oct 13, 2014 Author admin

I have just started trying to get in position where I can buy a house, but it is going to be a bit of a process. In fact I am not talking about much of a house. I was pricing out the sort of houses that would be good for a first time home buyer, so long as it was just one or two people with a good income. That sort of house does not cost a huge sum, a lot less than a really nice car. To get where I can think about it, debt consolidation and debt elimination would be the first step. Then I would obviously need to get to saving up the money that would be required to make a down payment. In fact once I get past that point the math on this starts to look really good. That is because the payment on a small house would be a great deal less than what I am paying in rent.

The idea that I do not like much makes a lot of sense. That would involve getting rid of a few things and making the move back in to my Mom’s basement. Obviously that would not be any fun, but it is pretty obvious that the money I am spending on my rent would very quickly pile up if I started to save it up. That is quite obvious. In fact I am paying a lot of money in rent at this place and it is not all that awesome of a place. If you took that rent check and used it to pay off the debts that I have it would quickly pay it down. In particular it would do a great deal of good if I started out with a real debt consolidation.


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