Putting Money in My Own Pockets Instead

May 13, 2017 Author admin

I paid off my house nearly three years ago, but I kept the same insurance company for my homeowners policy. I really didn’t think anything about it since I had just always paid it with my mortgage. When I was talking with a friend about insurance though, it came up. I was surprised when she told me the amount she was paying, because mine was a lot more. She told me I should do some research on different companies that provide homeowners insurance in Florida because I may be overpaying.

I knew that there was a chance that I just lived in an area that was higher for policy premiums because we can get some pretty wicked weather down this way. I did what she suggested, and I was surprised to see that there were a couple of companies that charge a much higher premium for the same type of coverage. Unfortunately, the company I had trusted to give me good rates was not holding up to their end of that. They were one of the two companies that had the highest rates, and I knew that I was going to switch to one of the other insurance companies for my homeowners insurance.

I wanted to double check just to make sure that I was not losing out on anything, so I contacted the insurance company that I wanted to switch to just to make sure everything was still being covered. The person I talked with at the insurance agency was really informative and helpful, and I was so pleased with the results of that phone call. Not only was everything on the website correct, but I also learned that the customer service with my new insurance company is second to none. It feels good to put some extra money in my own pockets every month too!


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