My Practice Needed Help with Recovering Payments

Sep 30, 2015 Author admin

Ever since I was a child, it was my hope that I would one day work with animals. My parents had a small farm, and I can remember happy moments even as a toddler as I chased after my mother while she rushed through her daily chores each day with the animals. She never had to beg me to help, I wanted to help on my own. So, as an adult, I became a veterinarian. Sadly, I have a good number of customers who do not want to pay their bills. I recently employed Professional Recovery Consultants Inc. to help me out with this.

My decision to offer my customers payment plans goes back to when I was only 20 years old and had to take my pet to the vet one day. I had enough for the visit, or so I thought. But the vet told me that he would need to run a battery of tests to find out what was going on. The problem was that after being told how much the lab tests would cost, I knew I didn’t have enough money left over for any treatments if it came to that. Sadly, it did. For over $1,000, I could treat my pet or have him put to sleep. There were no other options. I broke down then with the knowledge that I didn’t have any spare cash to pay for treatment, and my only option was to put him to sleep. It was my fault that a creature would no longer be living.

I wanted to give my customers another options so that I could try to decrease the amount of loving pet owners who needed to put their pet to sleep like I did as a young adult. I did this by offering payment plans. About 50% of my customers make payments in a timely fashion, while the remaining customers ignore the bills for months and even years. Now that I have a recovery company on my side, I have seen an increase of 30% in the number of payments that are made.


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