Getting Help for a Payment Plan Helped Me Immensely

Sep 7, 2016 Author admin

I had no idea there was such a thing as payment plans for IRS back taxes that are owed, but it is true. I always heard horror stories about what would happen if you don’t pay your taxes. When I found myself in that position, a company that helps negotiate a plan for you really helped me out. Friends who knew of my plight told me about the company, and I called them within minutes of learning about what they could do to help me fix my predicament.

The way that I got myself into a mess in a first place is because there were some years that I did not pay what I owed at all. Actually, that went on for about 4 years. When I finally did start paying again, I did it haphazardly. But I brought attention to myself and I got the dreaded letter that demanded that I pay everything immediately. The letter went on to say that if I did not pay in full, my wages would be garnished. I was horrified and scared about what would happen to me.

Calling the company that helps you with back tax negotiations was simple and without any trouble at all. I gave them all of my information. The worked as a go-between for me and the government. They negotiated a play for me to pay back the money owed. Not only that, they go $10,000 knocked off of the total payment! I had no idea that was possible either. But they did it for me without any trouble at all. Now, I just pay back everything in one monthly payment that I can afford. I don’t have anymore scary letters from the government in the mailbox and I don’t have the same of stress weighing on me anymore either.


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