Putting Money in My Own Pockets Instead

May 13, 2017 Author admin

I paid off my house nearly three years ago, but I kept the same insurance company for my homeowners policy. I really didn’t think anything about it since I had just always paid it with my mortgage. When I was talking with a friend about insurance though, it came up. I was surprised when she told me the amount she was paying, because mine was a lot more. She told me I should do some research on different companies that provide homeowners insurance in Florida because I may be overpaying.

I knew that there was a chance that I just lived in an area that was higher for policy premiums because we can get some pretty wicked weather down this way. More…


It Pays to Shop Around for Insurance

May 12, 2017 Author admin

I was not a happy camper when I got my insurance bill in the mail. I had been a customer of that insurance company for nearly six years, and not once had I ever made a claim. That is why I could not understand why my premium was going up for the third time. My car was getting older, so I thought it should be going down. I was not happy with the answers I was getting when I called them, so I decided to shop around. That is how I found the Niceville insurance company that I now use. More…